AurigaDoclet: User Guide

Author: Khurshidali Shaikh

Revision: $Revision: 1.3 $

Last Modified: $Date: 2004/02/07 07:47:00 $

AurigaDoclet: User Guide

Table of Contents
What Is AurigaDoclet

AurigaDoclet is a Javadoc doclet which can generate Java API document in fo, pdf, postscript, pcl, and svg format. AurigaDoclet accepts command line options which can be used to further customize the generated output.

AurigaDoclet generates javadoc as an XML tree which is then transformed into FO. This FO stream is then serialized using Apache FOP to generate pdf, postscript, pcl and svg output.



Command Line: AurigaDoclet can be invoked from javadoc command line program by using the -doclet parameter like this.
javadoc -doclet com.aurigalogic.doclet.core.Doclet -docletpath docletpath ...

is the absolute path of AurigaDoclet.jar file in the AurigaDoclet bin directory

Apache ANT: AurigaDoclet can used from ANT using the javadoc task like this.

<javadoc packagenames="package-names"
	<classpath refid="aurigadoclet.class.path" />

package names
path of the java source files
path to the AurigaDoclet.jar file in AurigaDoclet's bin directory
AurigaDoclet options. See Supported Options

AurigaDoclet supports the following command line options:
The output format.
Supported values: fo,pdf,ps,pcl,svg.
Output file path.
Do not generate TOC page.
Do not generate navigation tree.
Do not use hyperlinks.
Do not generate a keyword index.
Left margin in points. Default is 30.
Right margin in points. Default is 30.
Top margin in points. Default is 10.
Bottom margin in points. Default is 10.
XHTML text to be used as page header.
XHTML file to be used as page header.
XHTML text to be used as page footer.
XHTML file to be used as page footer.
Height of page headers in points. Default is 50.
Height of page footer in points. Default is 20.
XHTML file to be used a cover page.
CSS file to used for formatting the output.
Default css file is located in src/com/aurigalogic/doclet/resources/default.css
Custom xsl file to be used for formatting the output.
Default xsl is located in src/com/aurigalogic/doclet/resources/xml2fo.xsl

AurigaDoclet will try to cleanup the XHTML content in the header, footer, cover and also the javadoc comments to make it XML compliant. But if the content could not be cleaned up, it will use the original contant which may cause XML parser errors.

org.apache.xml.dtm.DTMException: No more DTM IDs are available
This error is usually encountered with JDK 1.4 or above. This error is caused by xalan library shipped with the JDK. In order to resolve this copy the xerces and xalan jars from AurigaDoclet's lib directory to your jre's endorsed folder. The exact path of the endorsed folder can be determined by the system property java.endorsed.dirs.
Cannot find doclet class com.aurigalogic.doclet.core.Doclet
Make sure you have specified the correct path to AurigaDoclet.jar in the -docletpath argument. Also make sure that the AurigaDoclet.jar is located in AurigaDoclet's bin directory. This is so that AurigaDoclet.jar can find the additional jars which are located in AurigaDoclet's lib directory.